Are you fed up at the sight of exposed pipes?

Is flaky, discoloured pipework ruining the finish of your décor and an endless magnet for dirt and grime?

Commonly found ugly pipe offenders in the home include:

  • Boiler ‘spaghetti junction’
  • Central heating pipes to radiators
  • Lavatory soil pipes
  • Basin supply and waste pipes

Boxing In to the rescue!

A hugely effective solution lies in concealing the pipes within a casing, typically referred to as ‘boxing in’. Boxing in usually takes the form of a support framework with a suitable outer cladding; plywood, MDF, melamine, plasterboard and cement board are some of the choices available.

The choice of cladding is critical for longevity. There are several factors to consider:

  • Will the boxing in come in to contact with water or be in a high moisture environment?
  • Does the boxing in need to be removable in part or fully for access to the pipework or isolators?
  • Are you intending for the boxing in be tiled?
  • Does the boxing in need to support any weight either intentionally or unintentionally (think little feet!)?
  • Are there any fire, acoustic or thermal requirements to be taken into account?

For access purposes, the entire boxing in unit can be made to be removable or alternatively incorporate a panel allowing sufficient space to manoeuvre for servicing or potential future repair of serviceable parts. There are several prefabricated access panels available on the market of different sizes which are very convenient to use and are maintenance free. When the need arises, we use access panels from Manthorpe, Timloc or Handi.

Done correctly the transformation can be incredible and changes the look and feel of a space immediately. It makes maintaining the cleanliness and finish of the space a doddle with no more awkward spaces and crevices for dirt, dust and creepy crawlies to hide.

We hope you find the above overview helpful in your quest to banish unsightly pipework!

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